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World Oceans Day 2023

World Oceans Day is an international celebration of our oceans and the creatures that inhabit them. It has been celebrated by communities around the world every year since 1992.

The purpose of World Oceans Day is to educate people about the importance of protecting and preserving our oceans, as well as encourage people to take action.

Every choice you make has the power to impact animals, our oceans and the environment. If everyone made incremental changes, the end result would be a much cleaner and healthier ocean.

Learn about the many small things you can do every day to help preserve our planet.

The ocean is a beautiful sight, but unfortunately the world's oceans are under stress from a number of different factors, including climate change, water pollution and overfishing.

Thankfully there are lots of things that we can do in our daily lives to alleviate some of this damage - conserving water, using less energy and reducing pollutants are just a few examples. 


Single-use plastics are a huge problem for our oceans and marine life. They pollute the water and get ingested by animals who can't distinguish between food and plastic. This is a serious threat to marine life, as it pollutes their water and food supply and negatively impacts their ability to reproduce. Opt for reusable bags and containers.

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Our planet is a beautiful place, but it’s being damaged in many ways. Carbon dioxide can cause acidification of the water, which impacts the health of marine life. Driving less and using fewer single-use goods are great ways to start.

Learn more here on the benefits of driving less has on the environment.


Oceans are key to the health of the planet: food security, water quality, climate and weather patterns are shaped by ocean currents, temperatures and salinity. The ocean is our biggest resource and the only way to protect it is by adopting the concept of “reduce, reuse and recycle”. Take the opportunity to reflect on what you can do to help protect our oceans and marine life on World Oceans Day.


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