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Breast Cancer Awareness Month




We are thrilled to announce that Anne Fontaine is partnering with the Ligue contre le cancer to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As part of this special collaboration, a percentage of sales from a carefully curated selection of products will be generously donated to support the important work of the Ligue contre le cancer.


By joining forces, Anne Fontaine and the Ligue contre le cancer aim to raise awareness about breast cancer and contribute to funding research, providing support to individuals and families affected by the disease, promoting prevention strategies, and mobilizing the public in the fight against breast cancer.


Every purchase from the selected products not only brings a touch of elegance and style but also makes a tangible difference in the lives of those impacted by breast cancer. Together, we can help make advancements in research, provide essential support, and work towards a future where breast cancer is no longer a threat.


We invite you to join us in this partnership and make a meaningful impact during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Together, we can #StandWithBreastCancer and support the critical mission of the Ligue contre le cancer.






Established in 1918, the Ligue contre le cancer proudly stands as a non-profit association, officially registered under the esteemed law of 1901. Comprising more than 501,000 dedicated members, the Ligue operates seamlessly as a federation of 103 departmental committees, all unified in the relentless pursuit of combating breast cancer from every angle.


Leading the charge with unwavering determination, the Paris Committee effectively fulfills the following crucial missions:


Funding Research: The Paris Committee dedicates its resources to funding cutting-edge research endeavors. Through strategic investments, they aim to support groundbreaking studies and scientific advancements that pave the way for improved treatment options and ultimately, a cure for breast cancer.

Support for Sufferers and their Families: Recognizing the profound emotional and practical impact of breast cancer, the Paris Committee stands tall as a pillar of unwavering support for individuals and their families. They offer compassionate assistance, guidance, and resources to help navigate the complexities of the disease and its repercussions.

Information, Prevention, and Promotion of Screening: The Paris Committee strives to arm the public with knowledge and understanding concerning breast cancer. Through comprehensive information campaigns, they raise awareness about prevention strategies, early detection methods, and the importance of regular screening. By equipping individuals with vital information, they empower and encourage proactive steps towards a healthier future.

Mobilizing the Public: Harnessing the incredible power of collective action, the Paris Committee mobilizes the public in the relentless fight against breast cancer. Through vibrant initiatives, events, and campaigns, they inspire and engage individuals to stand united, creating a strong network of support, advocacy, and fundraising to conquer the disease together.


With deep-rooted determination and unwavering dedication, the Paris Committee of the Ligue contre le cancer remains at the forefront of the battle against breast cancer. Their tireless efforts serve as an inspiration, offering hope and tangible assistance to those affected by this challenging illness.


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