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MASS Art Collaboration

Anne Fontaine x MassArt
White Shirt Challenge


For over 30 years, ANNE FONTAINE has designed clothing for the modern woman. Her silhouettes are inspired by the natural beauty and rhythm of our planet, and she believes that a business can only sustain with the consideration, respect, and protection of the environment.

This belief is at the core of ANNE FONTAINE's ethos: that fashion can be a catalyst for change. That's why we're proud to partner with MassArt (Massachusetts College of Art & Design) to create meaningful opportunities for young designers to develop their skills and make a positive impact on the world around them.


The sophomore fashion design students from MassArt were invited by designer Anne Fontaine to re-interpret the iconic white shirt in their own vision and design.

As part of this initiative Anne Fontaine donated all the poplin fabric and archival trimmings delivered directly from the atelier in Honfleur, which the students will use to create these designs.

Coordinated by our flagship Boston boutique manager, Amanda Blynn - this collaboration with MassArt has presented ANNE FONTAINE with the opportunity to open a dialogue with the next generation of young creatives and has offered the students a real-life experience with the challenges of sustainability and bringing to life one’s own vision through fashion.

“I want to make sure my legacy includes making a positive impact on the planet – and to make sure I leave the world a little better than how I found it. Mentoring the students of MassArt has been such an honor for me.”

- Anne Fontaine