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2023 We Are All Human Gala

Empowering Changemakers:

 A Night to Remember at the

2023 We Are All Human Gala

Take a look at the evening of magic and wonder at the renowned Gotham Hall in New York City as it became the epicenter of celebration and inspiration during the We Are All Human Gala.


This dazzling event, dedicated to honoring the invaluable contributions of the Latin community, united influential figures from various industries for a worthy cause. From Designer Anne Fontaine to accomplished icons such as John Leguizamo and Raúl De Molina, the gala radiated with Latin pride and purpose.

Left to right:  Perla Tamez Casasnovas, Consuelo Vanderbilt, Designer Anne Fontaine, Luisa Diaz

A Celebration of Latin Excellence:

The We Are All Human Gala proved to be a showcase of the diverse talents within the Latin community. Designer Anne Fontaine took center stage as she gracefully accepted a prestigious award from Nina Garcia, the editor-in-chief of ELLE. Fontaine's heartfelt embrace of her Latinidad underscored the immense value and influence of Latin contributions in the fashion industry.


Alongside Fontaine, renowned talents like John Leguizamo and Raúl De Molina added their star power and charisma to the gala. These figures, with their illustrious careers spanning film, television, and journalism, exemplified the excellence and reach of the Latin community.


Their presence served as a powerful reminder that Latin individuals have stories, talents, and perspectives that deserve recognition and celebration on a global scale.


Left to right: Consuelo Vanderbilt and John Leguizamo

Right image: Abby Anderson

A Tapestry of Influence:


The We Are All Human Gala provided a platform for a constellation of extraordinary individuals to shine. the talented actress Géraldine Bazán graced the gala with her magnetic presence, while singer-songwriter Mario Bautista enchanted the audience with his soulful melodies. They were joined by Ambassador Alicia Buenrostro Massieu, a trailblazing diplomat, and the culinary virtuoso Alfredo Oropeza, who shared his gastronomic expertise during the event. Visionary designer Raúl Peñaranda and the radiant Miss Universe Sheynnis Palacios rounded out the lineup, each contributing their own unique brilliance.



Top Image: Designer Anne Fontaine & Luisa Diaz, Bottom Center Image: Géraldine Bazán & Sheynnis Palacios, Bottom Left Image: Nina Garcia & Designer Anne Fontaine

Founder Claudia Romo Edelman: A Catalyst for Change


Founder Claudia Romo Edelman, resplendent in our signature READER shirt front and JOYCE SKIRT, set the stage ablaze with her unwavering enthusiasm for sparking monumental change. Her passion reverberated through the night, creating an undeniable energy that permeated every corner of the event. The gala's atmosphere crackled with excitement as a vibrant live auction took center stage, capturing the attention of all. Anne Fontaine herself seized the opportunity to contribute to the cause, auctioning off two exclusive VIP experiences that left the audience spellbound.

Left to right: Designer Anne Fontaine, Ari Zlotkin, and Seth Herzog.

 Night of Generosity and Unity:


The We Are All Human Gala reached its zenith with a spirited live auction, where attendees and donors alike showcased their remarkable generosity. In a heartwarming gesture, Anne Fontaine herself contributed two exclusive VIP experiences, captivating the audience and exemplifying the spirit of giving back. These acts of benevolence ignited a cascade of support and solidified the united front formed by the Latin community and its allies


Left to right: Marissa Solis, Nina Garia and Designer Anne Fontaine

Left to right: Designer Anne Fontaine, Claudia Romo Edelman, John Leguizamo & Consuelo Vanderbilt

Beyond its breathtaking setting and star-studded lineup, the We Are All Human Gala was an experience that left an indelible mark, extending far beyond the grandeur of the evening. It underscored the transformative power of unity, the immense talent within the Latin community, and the potential for positive change. The echoes of this remarkable night continue to resonate, inspiring individuals to embrace their heritage, celebrate Latin excellence, and strive for a more inclusive and equitable world.

Top Image, Left to Right: Designer Anne Fontaine & Esteban Martinez

The We Are All Human Gala at Gotham Hall was a testament to the boundless creativity, resilience, and vibrant spirit of the Latin community. From renowned fashion designer Anne Fontaine accepting an award to the presence of influential figures like John Leguizamo and Raúl De Molina, the evening radiated with Latin pride and achievement. With each luminary who took the stage, the gala created a tapestry of excellence, showcasing the diverse contributions made by Latin individuals across various industries. The event, led by the visionary Claudia Romo Edelman, fostered unity, generosity, and transformation, leaving a profound impact on all attendees and inspiring the continued pursuit of positive change. The We Are All Human Gala will forever be remembered as a transcendent celebration of Latinidad and a catalyst for a more inclusive and equitable world.

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